Step 3

In this step, the PDM team will be creating your website.  We will communicate with you should we need clarification.  As soon as we are finished, we will inform you via email of your URL so you can review and give us any corrections you might want.

Remember, customizations are not part of this initial website.  The goal is to get your chapter website up on the internet.  We will provide video tutorials on how you can maintain and add content to your site to continue to grow it to what you want in the end.

It would be a good idea to have at least 2 members from your chapter take on the responsibility of being the website administrators.  They can begin to get familiar with your website and go through the tutorials.

After this stage, you have only one more step.

Go To Step 4 for the final step before we release and let the search engines start to index your site.  (This means people can actually start to find you online… that’s a good thing.)