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This collection of articles involve the Soaring Club of Houston(SCOH) and its members over the last few decades.
 Year      Date  Source Click on Title in this column to see pdf of article SCOH Members mentioned or seen in article/video
 1984  11 Apr  The Woodlands Villager  Soaring on the Clouds William Fisher
 1984  23 Apr  Houston Digest  Houston club with lofty ideals William Fisher, Sig Rupp, Storey Musgrave, Jim Callaway, Beth Callaway, Pat Stirling, Al Stirling
 1985  4 Aug  Bryan-College Station Eagle Soaring Al Stirling, Perry Hatch, Kathy Sullivan, Oran Nicks, Steve Black, Dave Petryk
 1987  18 Jan  Houston Chronicle Magazine  Gliding; It Only Looks Scary Kathy Sullivan, Storey Musgrave, Ken Barnard, Bill Hall, Harry Brown, David Martin, Peter Masak, Bob O’Dell, Roxie Roll, Harry Brown
 1993  Aug/Sep  Woman Pilot  Linda Wallis Soars on Aerobatics Linda Wallis
 1995  Feb      Houston Life Magazine  Fly Like a Bird None
 1997  1 Feb  Star-Telegram  SSA Convention in Dallas Val Paget, Jim Marsh
 1997  July  Texas Skies Magazine  Quiet Flight Ken Sorenson, Ralph Wainwright, Danny Sorenson, Steve Owens 
 1999  3 Sep  The Fayette County Record  Surprise Glider Landing  
 1999  7 Nov  The Bryan-College Station Eagle  Oran Nicks Award Phyllis Nicks, Oran Nicks
 2002  Dec      Soaring Magazine      The Elusive Silver Lining Alexis Glynn Latner, Barry Dunning
 2003  Aug  Health & Fitness Sports Magazine  Airborne Sanctuary Brent Sullivan(pictured), Barry Dunning
 2003  Sep     Soaring Magazine  Club Welcome Alexis Glynn Latner, Doug Courville, Andrew Vilkas
 2003      Oct      Houton Chronicle      Magnolia Teen Solos  JJ De Paep, Val Paget, Glen Giddens, David LaPort
 2004  May  Soaring Magazine  Once of Prevention Alexis Glynn Latner, Mike Reynolds, John Savage
 2006  Jun  West University Buzz  Fly Like an Eagle Barry Dunning, Rob Ryniker, Glen Friedrich, Steve Freeman, Sylvia Szafarczyk
 2006  Jun  The Memorial Buzz  Fly Like an Eagle Rob Ryniker, John Savage, John Grissett
 2006  Jun  The Bellaire Buzz  Fly Like an Eagle Barry Dunning, Rob Ryniker, Glenn Friedrich, Steve Freeman, Sylvia Szafarczyk
 2006  Jun  The Tanglewood Buzz  Fly Like an Eagle Rob Ryniker, John Savage, John Grissett
 2009  Jul  Video clip ABC 13 Houston News  Local teens fly gliders at summer camp  Kirsten Hein, Eston Hupp, David Ayre, Stephen Rocquemore
 2009  Sep  Soaring Magazine  Tornado to Triumph Dick Hollenberg, Randy Hollenberg, David Martin, Mark Kellner, Bob Kellner, Michelle Sorenson 
2009  Winter  Wings Over Texas(CAP)  Father and Son Soar at Texas Glider Academy  Stephen Roquemore, Darrell Roquemore
 2010  Winter  Wings Over Texas(CAP)  Texas Teens Soar at Glider Academy Darrell Roquemore, Barry Dunning
 2010  17 Feb  Houston Chronicle  Houstonian’s glide became very long ride Val Paget
 2010  3 May  The Waller Times  Waller Area Chamber of Commerce – SCOH newest is member Gabe Canas, Allen Hein, David Martin, Scott Liebling, Leslie Sharp, Ken Sorenson, Frank Allen, Michelle Sorenson, Keith Miller, Teri Johnson, Robert Pemberton, Kirstin Hein, Al Aldama
 2010  10 May  The Waller Times  Soaring Club of Houston Offers Locals Chance of a Lifetime Kirstin Hein, Allen Hein
 2010  21 Jul  Houston Community Newspapers  Teens take to skies in glider academy Darrell Roquemore
2011  July  Video clip ABC 13 Houston News  Take to the Skies  Zane Wisener, Eston Hupp, Ken Sorenson, Keith Miller
 2011  Oct  Soaring Magazine  CAP/SCOH Encampment  Barry Dunning, John Downey
 2012  Apr              The Bryan-College Station Eagle  PDF: All about the air up there
 David Martin, Wayne Wolf, Sara Lenox
 2013      Aug          ABC 13 Houston News  Region 10 Contest at SCOH Malte Bruegmann, Eduardo Iglesias, Keith Miller and Karl Stewart
 2013     8 Aug      Houston Chronicle  Region 10 Contest at SCOH & Sylvia Gradstaff  Sylvia Grandstaff    
 2014  Mar  Soaring Magazine  Region 10 Contest Report  Keith Miller, Jacques De Paep, Ken Sorenson, Michelle Sorenson, Allen Hein, Kirsten Hein, Kira Hein, Kimberly Hein, Karl Stewart, Sammy Balch, Randy Beskow, John Downey, Keisha Holback, Robert Saucedo, Paul Schattenberg, Tony Smolder, Paul Nelson, Joseph Matta, Tom Grubbs and many more!
 2014  Sep  Southwest Soaring Museum Newsletter  SCOH Member donates glider to Museum  Randy Beskow
 2015  Apr  The Bryan-College Station Eagle  Air Fair 2015  Mark Lenox, Sarah Lenox, Scott Lenox, Glenn Yeldezian, Allen Hein, Eston Hupp
 2015  Jul  Soaring Magazine  What Conditions Make for a Healthy Soaring Club?  Mark Lenox, Sarah Lenox, Scott Zivley, Steve Settle and Brian Arnott

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