Wing Runner Course required for all new members

Glider Flight Training Manual” by Thomas Knauff
This will come in your new member packet.

FAA reference book. You can download the PDF at the link above or buy a paper copy here.

Federal Aviation Regulations
FAA Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM)
reference books. You can view and/or download PDFs at the link above or buy a paper copy here.

Bob Wander makes excellent check ride prep books. 

Online Studies

Ground School Presentations  …given at SCOH


What should be in your personal glider library?

Exams, Tests & Flight Reviews

Federal Aviation Regulations


Soaring Safety Foundation, SSF


Off Field Landings by Thomas Knauff
Gliding Safety by Derek Piggott
Safer Soaring by Bob Wander

Other Internet Resources

The FAA’s website contains a huge range of useful information, though finding your way round can be a challenge at times. Here are some direct links to commonly used documents:
FAA Glider Practical Test Standards (PTS)

FAA Glider Flying Handbook

Cumulus Soaring has perhaps, the most comprehensive range of gliding and soaring books (as well as soaring equipment). 
Bob Wander’s site also has an excellent range of glider training books.
Sectionals (Maps) to buy sectionals to view online and/or buy sectionals

Further Reading

This list includes other great titles that are optional but can add different perspectives to your studies.
Gliding Made Easy Series
by Derek Piggott
by Tom Knauff
Transition from airplanes to Gliders
by Bernard Ecke