Tour The Flight Deck

Instruments & Flight Controls

Cockpit of a typical Trainer: Blanik L-23

Each of our aircraft are slightly different. Aircraft instrumentation can change over time. Always review and familiarize yourself with your specific aircraft’s instrumentation before flying.

  1. Altimeter
  2. Airspeed Indicator
  3. Air Vent
  4. Variometer – mechanical
  5. Variometer – electrical
  6. Compass – magnetic
  7. Control Stick
  8. Release handle(yellow)
  9. Spoiler Handle(blue)
  10. Trim Handle(green)
  11. Wheel Brake Handle(black)
  12. Microphone
  13. Yaw String(not pictured)

Each of these bring up a page with a close up picture of the component and a description of it.  (these are seperate pages/posts)